The Best Family Board Games for 2013

It has been said that we are in the great age of family table top gaming. In the recent years there have been releases of board games that are just greater than the previous ones. The year 2013 had a variety of hybrids of genres and forms. The following are 3 best family board games that made it to the top of the list for 2013.

Jenga TetrisStarting us off is a reboot and upgrade from Hasbro of the classic Jenga with this new Tetris Edition. The rules are just the same. However you really don’t know what will happen when you remove one piece out of this sensitive stack. Individual logs in this game look like Tetris pieces bringing the added element of difficulty to this game. You may not necessarily see the entire piece that you are removing and any small error will be game over.

Laser MazeSecond on our list is Laser Maze. This is a wonderful game from Think fun. This is a game designed for players 8+ and it teaches kids all about mirrors and lights though a series of puzzles of increasing difficulty. It comes with a set of sixty card challenges, each of these identifying the target which you will have to hit with a laser beam. This is by use of the mirrors to bounce off the beam and so on. You will normally start on the easier challenges and work your way to the easier ones.

Mental BloxLastly is Mental Blox. This game takes building using building blocks to a whole new level. For the basic game play all that is required is that you pick a card and attempt to replicate the same design using the plastic blocks provided. For an even bigger challenge, a player may pass the card to another player. It is twice as difficult with one player describing the formation and the other assembling it.

In conclusion, while there were many family board games in 2013 these 3 definitely stood out. They are a wonderful way for the family to bond while also having fun.

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