Some Of The Best Board Games For Adults in 2017

A board game is any game that is played on a flat surface on which pieces are placed or moved around. The best board games for adults will hold the attention of players and bring a lot of fun to the holiday season. Some are naughty and some are nice, but mostly they are a whole load of fun to play. Below are a few to try out if you haven’t yet come across them:

Can you name four great board games for men and women?

TabooTaboo is a word game that is played by a group of people who take turns to describe a word or a phrase chosen from a card without using the additional five phrases or words that also appear on the card. The game is played with partners who have to figure out what word is being described by the other partner.


Battle Of The Sexes Board GameFirst published in 1997, this board game pits men against women in a “no holds barred” game of knowledge to ultimately determine who the superior sex is. As questions are answered correctly the pieces are moved from that start to the end of the board. Questions are related to the opposite sex and your knowledge of them.

ROCKSTAR REHABThis game is definitely not appropriate for children as Rockstar Rehab is pure debauchery. With a roll of the dice a player can imagine that they are living the life of a rock star including bad behavior and getting into trouble. Players can visit exclusive nightclubs, attend VIP parties and even end up in jail. Put the kids to bed before you play this one.

WHAT- GIRLS NIGHT EDITIONThis board game is recommended for bachelorette parties and not suitable for children. This is a classic naughty twist on the old favorite and involves answering three types of questions: General, Fill in the Blank, and Sticky Situation. Girls can choose to answer honestly or not, however they like to play it, the goal being to fool your friends sufficiently that they are not able to guess the answer.

Although digital games may be the most popular form of entertainment these days, nothing takes the place of the enjoyment that people get from playing board games. Personal interaction with others is still a big attraction, hence the popularity of board games.

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