The Best Fun Family Board Games

Staying at home with the family, playing board games is an exciting way to spend the day or night. But, with all of the board games out there, which ones should you play? Here are some of the top fun family board games to play at home.

Game of LifeOne of the best board games to play with the family is Life. In addition to being fun, this board game helps to teach the little ones about money, careers, and education. Parents get to feel like a child again, planning their own “life” ahead of time.

Another great family board game is Clue. In this game, players must figure out who killed the “victim”, what weapon they used for the crime, and which room the murder to place in. As an added bonus, it makes all players use critical thinking skills.

Battleship is yet another exciting family fun board game. Players place their five ships on a number-grid board and the opposite player has to call out numbers to determine where the other’s ships are. This is perhaps one of the most addicting board games and can keep your family busy for hours.

monoplyA timeless classic that is enjoyed by people of all ages is Monopoly. For children, playing this game teaches them the responsibility of purchasing property and what it takes to keep it thriving. Adults may already know about the skills it takes to own property, but it still makes the game exciting, nonetheless. Just be sure you have a couple of hours to spare, as this tends to be a rather lengthy game.

You have just read about some of the most fun board games for the whole family to play. Whether the weather outside is not ideal or you just feel like spending the day indoors, give these games a try.

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