The Best Fun Family Board Games for All Ages

If you are looking for some fun family board games for people of all ages, and would like to try something a little different to Snakes & Ladders or Monopoly, why not try Carcassonne? This family-friendly tile placement game is easy to learn but challenging enough that even older children and adults can enjoy it, and it teaches a lot of mental reasoning skills too.

Carcassonne Big Box GameIn Carcassonne, players take turns to draw and place tiles that have pictures of a southern French landscape on them. A tile might show a city, a road, some grassland, a cloister, or a mixture of different terrain. Tiles must be placed adjacent to other tiles that have already been played, and cities must touch cities, roads must connect to roads, etc. After placing a tile, a player then has the options to place one of their “meeple” units onto the tile. A meeple on a road is a knight, one on the road is a robber, one on the cloister is a monk, and ones standing on grassland are farmers. Each unit has a point value, and the objective is to score the most points.

Players are faced with several difficult decisions in the game. Should they place their last meeple on a tile, or wait? Should they expand their own city, or use their tiles to block the development of their opponent’s cities? Carcassone can be incredibly competitive, and there are lots of different strategies to experiment with, making this a game that you can play again and again. Where other board games rely on rolls of the dice, Carcassone does not rely so much on luck, and this makes it a much more satisfying and entertaining game for players of all ages to enjoy.

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