Fantastic Family Fun Games for Adults

Board games are not just for kids anymore.  There is such a wide range of games available now that are challenging and interesting for adults and families with older kids.  Tic-tac-toe will only go so long before boredom sets in, but the good news is that there has been an explosion of games aimed at a more mature audience that are fun to play.

settlers of catanThere are games that have been around for years like Monopoly and Risk, which are still fan favorites.  However, newer games on the market are becoming popular, like the series of Catan games.  This add-on game is available in different sets which allow the players to change up the game each time they play if desired.  The basic game is complex enough to add a challenge, but with adding on the other sets the complexity level can increase, as well as the involvement in the game.

If word play is your thing, then games like Taboo, Last Word, Catch Phrase, Boggle or Balderdash may catch your attention.  Last Word, Taboo and Catch Phrase are interactive, fast thinking and answering type word games.  Boggle is a quieter version of a word game, but still very competitive.  Balderdash can test someone’s ability to make up a definition and stick by it with their best poker face.

sequencePoker of course is always an option, as well as other types of card games.  Long playing games like Canasta or Liverpool can take a few hours to get through, but the increasing level of difficulty with each round adds a new flavor to each hand.  Sequence is a family favorite for some.  This game can involve various ages of kids and adults, much like Life or Scrabble.

There is an abundance of board games out and they can be found in bookstores or toy and game stores.  The best selection of games geared to an older crowd may be at a large bookstore, especially around the holidays.  There is usually a section set apart just for these types of games.

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