2017 Board Games For Family Fun Night

Family night can be a lot of fun if you put some time into planning what you want to do with everyone. However, with all ages involved and different interests, this can present a challenge. Thanks to the best board games for families in 2014, you can make sure that everyone is engaged, smiling and having tons of fun.

Tetris Edition Jenga

Tetris Jenga GameThe word Jenga should definitely ring a bell. This game builds up the suspense and gets the whole family laughing. While a classic, the new Tetris edition Jenga is on a whole different level. The great thing about this game is that it is perfect for kids six years and older, along with adults and any other members participating.

The logs actually resemble Tetris pieces, so it presents a different type of Jenga game that is a little more complex and challenging. In fact, think about how you’re not always going to notice what piece you’re removing. In other words, you might not see the whole shape, which can make for some hilarious moves and falls.

Laser Maze

lazer mazeThis game is made me Think Fun, which is known for their classic “Rush Hour.” Kids eight and older will enjoy this game, which involves participants in puzzles that become increasingly difficult to solve. There are a total of 60 card challenges. Who doesn’t have fun with laser beams?




Snack Shack Game

snack shack gameIf you don’t have any older kids and you’re looking to please the younger kids and enjoy their fun with them, Snack Shack Game is a great selection. This game involves a board, spinner, tweezers and more. The object of the game is to feed bones to the pug! It is definitely fun for all and an engaging game for the little guys on family fun night.

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