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Board Games For Family Fun

spot-itFamily time together may have diminished over the years, but families still find time to get together for fun around a board game, especially during the holidays.  A game night is an affordable and fun way to entertain kids while spending quality time with them.  Who doesn’t remember the feeling of togetherness while playing a favorite board game with mom and dad on a rainy afternoon.  Board games are a great way to switch off electronics and spend quality family time together.  From the classics to novel alternatives, board games have not lost any of their popularity to expand an afternoon or pass a comfortable evening with family.

As the family expands, it becomes more and more difficult to pick the best games as it often depends on who is playing, the age differences, how much time is available and what the prevailing mood is.  Games that Moms enjoy may be quite different to those that Dad and the boys enjoy, and sometimes it takes some compromising to keep everyone happy.  A promise to play the next family members’ favorite choice after the current game is over, is usually the best way to overcome this problem.
What games does Mom like?

While Dad and the kids may play a lot more games together, the real gauge of family fun often lies in the ones mom likes to play as well.  Below are some of the games that moms often place on the top of the list of games they love to play with the family:

This lighthearted, colorful and strategic game for 4 to 5 people is a great go-to board game for a family to play together.  The game is easy to learn, even for younger players, simple to play and engages players in building up sets of cards and complete tickets by claiming their routes. Players love the anticipation that builds as only one action is available on each turn.  It is also a great educational game and the Ticket to Ride: Europe version takes the family off to Europe in their imaginations.

2.    7 WONDERS
This game has become a surprise hit with moms as they typically enjoy games with luck more than strategy games.  7 Wonders does have an element of luck and scores high on the “Let’s play again” list.  Even though it may be a bit confusing in the beginning with cards all over the place, once you have mastered the symbols and types of cards the game goes by quickly.  It is easy to set up and not nearly as complicated as it looks at first.  Once the bug has bitten it will be the chosen family game time and again.

Sequence is a simple game that uses playing cards, chips and a board and can be played by any number of people while continuing with the conversation.  It is a great game for teaming up and working together and the element of luck makes it a great favorite with moms.

This cooperative board game is a hit with families as there are multiple ways to lose, but only one way to win, with teams working together by utilizing each one’s special abilities to help win the game.  Additional elements have been included in the expanded version of the game called Pandemic: On the Brink, which makes it even more fun to play.

5.    CODE 777
This game needs thoughtful analysis, and even though moms enjoy games that are more fun and lighthearted, this one is for when she is in the mood for mental stimulation which is a different kind of fun, but nonetheless, fun.

6.    CLUE
A thinking game for everyone to join in, classic Clue is the evergreen “whodunit” game that never seems to age.  The well-known characters have become household names and everyone knows what you are talking about when you say “Colonel Mustard, with the knife, in the kitchen.”

7.    ANOMIA
Anomia is a quick thinking game which causes a lot of “brain freeze” when a card is turned over and the players have to shout the correct answer when compared to another players card with a matching symbol.  This causes a lot of shouting and a lot of laughter and is a great family game that involves everyone, from young to old.

Timeline is a new game on the scene and moms love the fact that it is simple to play and doesn’t take too much time to complete. It engages the players in a certain amount of reasoning when figuring out where to lay cards on the timeline.  A great family fun board game.

Family board games that are easy to set up, easy to understand, even by the youngest family member and quick to play are on the top of the list for favorite board games.

Questions and Answers

What are some fun family board games within a $20 budget?

For April Break 2009 I am going to a beach house in SC. We are staying with 3 other families we are close to, but most of them are kids. Not all of us would play at the same time because there are about 14 of us (haha) but we were wondering if you had any ideas in-case we have a rainy day or something like that. We already are bringing Apples to Apples– best game ever! We also would like to look at Hungry Hungry Hippos (comment if you like those games or not, too, please!). I live outside Albany, NY if you would like to recommend a store. Thank you so much! 🙂

Posted by Emma
[display_name id=”1″]Scrabble is my favorite game of all because I like word games and the challenge of Scrabble. I also like Mancala, because it is an ancient game and is quite complex even though it seems superficially simple. Another great game is Trivial Pursuit – if you like games that require some general knowledge you can’t beat it. For large groups Taboo is my favorite. And games that are fast paced such as Connect 4 can be fun. And bring along some puzzle books such as sudoku, word find, crossword, etc.
What is a fun board game….?We have some family coming into town and would like to play some games…the ages range from 16-60. Thanks for the help :D.

Posted by disneygirl
[display_name id=”1″]OMGOSH! The BEST board game EVER is Quelf! It is so much fun. My friends and I have a blast playing this game! They have it at walmart, but here’s a link to it on Amazon so you can see what it is!Http://…
Can you suggest a fun family night board game?My extended family enjoys getting together on Sundays for dinner and game night. We are looking to find some new board games. What would you suggest? Remember this is a family event. Thanks.

Posted by She’s Back
[display_name id=”1″]Scattergories is my favourite! You can play with unlimited amounts of people too
Settlers of Catan is also fun
Clue is a classic.

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