What Are The Most Popular Board Games For Kids?

┬áInterested in finding the perfect game for your little one? A lot of us don’t realize how much fun, and intellectually stimulating a good, old-fashioned board game can be. That said, many families still buy them because it allows the whole household to join in for some quality family time. Who needs electronic stimulation when these quality, popular board games are still on the market?

classic monopolyMonopoly will always be first on the list. This teaches kids the importance of capitalism, while giving them basic math skills. It’s a game that might take a while too complete, and could be overly challenging to younger children. If monopoly sounds like a little to much for your younger kids, you might try Junior Monopoly. It’s essentially the same thing, except with a smaller, less complicated board, and of course, a shorter game time.

chutes and laddersChutes and Ladders has been a major player in the board game industry for as long as I can remember. This is a relatively simple game, and it has elements that all children love, playground equipment. With the chutes your children will be sliding down, and the ladders they’ll be metaphorically climbing up, who knows? It might inspire them to play outside.

Hungry, Hungry Hippos is a game that requires very little brain power, so it’s good for when the group just wants to relax. Also, it’s a tad more interactive physically, requiring the same motor skills that a video game does. It’s an exciting game, and anyone can play. It’ll instill a competitive spirit in any child, that’s for sure!

Remember, these are only a few of the many, many board game options. While these are the most popular ones, all kids are different, and so are their taste’s in games. I hope you find the perfect one for your child!

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