What Are The Best Board Games For Kids Under 6?

If you have a child under six years old, you will definitely want to engage them in board games made specifically for kids in that age group. What makes these board games so special? They don’t just teach knowledge to kids, they also train their character, as you can see from our list of games below.

Hoot Owl Hoot!

hoot owlIn this game, the kids need to cooperate with one another to return the owls to their nest before the sun rises. It’s a game that basically requires children to work together. If cooperation is a rare commodity in your house, this is for you.


My Very First Game

My Very First GamesThis board game allows toddlers as young as two years old to explore different shapes and colors.




Castle Logix

This is a strategy-based game that challenges children to rebuild a castle one block at a time as it looks in the accompanying book.

Castle LogixThe board games Hoot Owl Hoot, My Very First Game, and Castle Logix are really just some of the board games that are ideal for children under six years old. There are many, many more games out there and it’s important to note that while manufacturers make every attempt to make their games fun and educational at the same time, you children might just find some of them boring, especially if they’re already exposed to TV and the Internet.

This is why it is very important that you limit your children’s exposure to these media. Get them involved in fun board games because it’s one way to develop their social motor skills and social skills as well.

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