Entertaining Board Games for Kids Ages 6 and Up

The generation of the electronic game seems to have overtaken our country, but there is still a place for the old fashioned board game.  Many kids may think of a board game as a bored game, but the new games that have come out, as well as some old favorites can keep kids entertained long periods of time.

Children ages six and up have some great games on the market just for them.  There are some old favorites like Uno, Connect Four, and Sorry that never seem to lose their entertainment level.  They are games that even the adults or older siblings appreciate playing with the younger kids.  Uno comes in many different varieties now, including Uno Spin, Uno Attack and Uno games that have been named after popular children’s shows like Cars.

connect Connect Four also has been revolutionized into various forms and there is a Connect Four by Four that is fun for the whole family.  Sorry, too, has been modified to where the game has become active with Sorry Sliders.  Trying to knock your opponents off of the high value targets with mobile game pieces is challenging and exciting.

Children this age can become interested in card games.  Basic card games like Go Fish may suffice, but moving into more complex games like a simple rummy or solitaire type game may be achievable, too.  Checkers is an all-time favorite.  Jumping your opponent’s piece and saying, “King me,” never gets old.  Grandparents are especially fond of playing this with their grandchildren.

mousetrapMouse Trap is a game which can take some setting up by an older sibling or parent, but is worth the time of set up just to watch the kid’s face as the ball races through the maze.  There are junior versions to many games like Clue Jr., Scrabble Jr. and Monopoly Jr. that can introduce kids to a less intimidating version of a game.  A newer game on the market that has proven to be a challenge, but also entertaining is Qwirkle.  No matter what game the kids play, be sure to give them opportunities to play board games and take a break from the screens.

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