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Popular Board Games For Children

QwirkleThere are a ton of different types of board games out on the market these days. In the past, there were less choices, but many of those board games have become iconic and still are favorites of children today as well. Certainly, you remember playing board games as a child. Maybe you and your siblings gathered around Operation or Chutes and Ladders. Or, maybe your family gathered to play Monopoly on family night.

The great thing about today is that you don’t even have to visit the store to look at the vast array of board game choices for children. Simple online searching can bring all the favorites to your fingertips so that you can search by category, age requirements and such.

What are board games that children will love?


This board game is not going anywhere anytime soon. What’s great about this board game is that it is also enjoyed by adults. Just don’t get too competitive with the children! Another great aspect of this game is that it directly teaches children concepts about money and business aspects of finance. While you’re not going to engage a three year old in a game of Monopoly, this can be the perfect solution for family night if you have young adolescent children or teenagers.

Connect Four

Connect Four is also a classic favorite of children and is a game perfect for all ages. The younger children seem to enjoy this game more. It is played by players taking turns, one with black game pieces and another with red. The idea is to connect four pieces of the same color either horizontally, diagonally or vertically before the game board fills up with pieces.


Battleship is a classic game in which a player tries to sink the other player’s battleships. The rules of the game are pretty simple, and the idea behind the game especially makes it popular with young boys. Instead of shooting down battleships on screen with a video game, they can pursue this interest in a more classic and more appealing fashion.

Guess Who?

Do you remember playing Guess Who? This game is played by players asking questions to find out who the character is on the other player’s mystery card. Each player chooses a card at the beginning, and whoever guesses the correct character first, wins! This game is very engaging since it involves diverse and funny-looking characters with all types of different physical characteristics.

Travel Games

On the GoIdeally, you could try and bring any board game along for your travel experience, but there are certain games that are catered to this experience. For instance, Loaded Questions “On The Go” is a great solution to keep the kids occupied during the vacation commute. The custom spinner even comes in its own little suitcase box!

Guess Who? also makes a travel version of their game. Bring along a travel Backgammon set, or engage the children in a game of Apples to Apples. The Travel Abalone game is also quite popular, and Connect Four, which was mentioned previously, also has a smaller travel version available.

What games do younger children like?

Ants in the Pants and Hungry Hungry Hippos are two very popular games for the younger children. Hungry Hungry Hippo is great for preschool age children and developing hand-eye coordination. And don’t forget Cootie, which has been a long-time board game introduction favorite for young children.

There are also sports and racing games, such as Formula D! Yahtzee and Mousetrap are also two iconic favorites. A great memory game for kids is Shrek Goes Fourth. Toy Story Bukaroo game is also a popular choice, as kids love this iconic animated movie and its characters.

Scrabble is a great teaching game for kids and can be quite fun and competitive, especially for older adolescents. And don’t forget Candyland and Sorry!

The choices for board games for children are numerous. A few things to consider are the age of your children, their interests and also how many players you have. If you have two children and two adults, you might want to focus only on four player games, so that everyone can play together at the same time. Board games are an exciting way to bring the family together, and you can also show your children many new things.

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Questions and Answers

Which is the worst board game for children?

Posted by UUC MULUC

[display_name id=”1″]Worst game how? That it teaches them nothing? Or that it teaches them bad habits? Most board games are really good for kids since it teaches them ideas like taking turns, following rules and counting.Candy Land is being bashed here, and yes, it’s a bad game if you’re looking for a challenge or something that takes skill, but if you want to play a game with a child where the kid can’t count yet and all they need to do is match the colors, that’s a great game.Memory is great too because it helps kids improve their memories. Monopoly can teach kids how to count and the importance of money. Mouse Trap has kids putting together a complex device. Really, most games are good for kids.I’d say the only games that would be bad for kids are things that are too complex or scary for them. If you try to teach your kid “Mansions of Madness” before they can read, that’s a bad idea. Anything that takes more than 10-15 minutes is a bad choice for kids since most of them won’t have an attention span that’s that long.

This question is basically impossible to answer since all games at least teach one thing to kids, they’re all good for kids.

If I had to choose a game that was terrible for kids it’d probably be “Pimp: The Backhanding” or “XXXenophile”. Both have terrible themes for kids, and XXXenophile has nude drawings engaged in various sexual positions on the cards. Both bad for kids.

Board games……..?What was / is your favorite board game to play?
Do you still play since all the electronic games have come out?

Posted by ®
[display_name id=”1″]I love to play board games. I would love to play with you Bev and our Hubby’s.
We like “GIMME 5”, & “SKIP BO” are our favorites at present. I think we own every table board game there is.
Will weed them out soon & donate a lot to the Veterans Hosp.
Most of the people we used to play with have passed away. All the younger ones all seem to be to busy, including our children.
Have a Happy Sunday & I Pray You are doing well. Love you.
Questionnaire about children’s board games?Hi! I am circulating this questionnaire because for my graphics coursework, where I have to design and make a board game, we have to do some market research.
Thank you for your time.1)What age group would you be most likely to buy a board game for?
0-2 years
3-5 years
6-8 years
9-11 years
12+ years2)Would you be more likely to buy a board game if the products were ethically sourced (fair-trade) it was environmentally friendly, or recyclable?
no3)What theme do you think 4 – 8 year olds would prefer the most?
Harry Potter
Chocolates and sweets
Mr men/ little Miss
Disney Princesses
Fairy Tales
Noah’s Ark4)What colour scheme would be the best for girls aged 4 – 8?
Pastel Colours
Natural Tones
Bright colours5)What type of font should be used for a board game for girls aged 4 – 8?
Bold6)What colour font should be used for the board game?
Contrasting colour (not black)
Colour coordinating with colour scheme.

Posted by Tessa Sands
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