Some Of The Top Family Board Games of All Time

Board games have been enjoyed by families for many years. It is a great way to spend time with your family and pass the time. If you are interested in learning about the best board games of all time, read on.

scrabble gameScrabble is one of the top board games for family. With this game, each player is given a paper with certain categories written on it. Then, a dice with letters on each side is thrown. Players then need to think of a word for each category that is listed on the card (the word needs to begin with the letter that was rolled). There is an hourglass set at the beginning of each round; once the hourglass is up, the players’ time is also up.


Game of Life
Another top family board game of all time is
The Game of Life
. Players begin by putting a peg in a car and spinning the wheel each time it is their turn. Along the way, each person is forced to make a “life” decision, which includes the career path they want to take, how many children they will have, and how they will retire.


Guess Who?
Guess Who? is beloved by family members of all ages. Two players receive a game board that has drawings of animated people. Each player picks one person to have the other player guess, via clues about the animated person’s appearance. The first person to guess correctly wins.

There is perhaps no other board game in the world that families love to play more than Monopoly. Each player picks a piece to represnt them. The dice is rolled and the player moves that many spaces. Depending on which space the player lands on, they have to decide if they want to purchase the property listed. But, landing on the “Go to Jail” space needs to be avoided at all costs!

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