Best All-Time Favorite Board Game Choices For Family Fun

Instead of gathering the family for a dinner in town where the kids are done eating in ten minutes and never wanted to go in the first place, why not try something different? Sure, you can rent a movie and pop the popcorn, but how many times have you done that? Make family night unique and interesting with some of the best family board games ever made.

There are different categories, so much is considered when determining the best board games. For families, you need more than just a two person game, and games like Taboo or Scattergories do not quite fit the bill of a “board game.” All things considered, what are the best family board games of all time?

sorry board gameSorry is definitely one of the best and near the top of the list. This game is great for kids that are as young as five and on up to 11. The adults can enjoy playing this game as well with their children, so it’s a win/win. If you’re into board games on family night, this is a must buy!


candy landCandy Land is a classic game that has been on the market for ages. Parents playing with their kids now remember playing this when they were also young kids. This game is perfect for ages three to six, allowing the younger kids to get the board game fun in on family night.



chinese checkersChinese Checkers is a a wonderful game that even has people crafting special boards. The kids really get into this game, and it’s fun for even adults to play by themselves outside of family night. Kids love to play with marbles, and this is a cool game that anybody can win.



Operation, Scrabble, Monopoly and many other games are great for family fun night as well. Remember to consider the age of your children as you make your choice and start building up those board games to bring out for family fun.

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