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Do you love board games as much as I do? There is nothing more entertaining than to play a board game with your friends. Board games have been around for over 100 years. You can purchase board games at your local department store or online. Board games vary in price from a few dollars to over $40. Board games can be played with people of all ages.

The interesting thing about popular board games is that you can play them over and over again and never get bored. That is because each time you play a board game it is a unique game completely different from the last time you played. There are board games that require very little thought when played and there are other board games such as Chess that require a lot of thought.

Which board games require vocabulary skills?

Certain board games such as Scrabble require a knowledge about words and vocabulary. Both Chess and Scrabble are best enjoyed when the opponents have an equal skill and intelligent level. However, most board games are enjoyable whether you win or lose. There is a website that ranks board games from number 1 to number 100. This ranking has been composed from a survey of board game players.

Which board game should you choose?

Which board game is the most popular is not really an imperative because whichever board game you enjoy playing is the most important thing. One of the more enjoyable board games on the market today is a game called Clue. Clue is a great game because each of the players tries to solve a murder. Each players is given a set of clues and can receive more clues as hr/she travels from room to room inside a large mansion.

This board game uses dice which, when rolled, allow the player to move from room to room. Certain rooms have hidden passages which allow the player to move faster from particular rooms. The object of this game is to be the first person to solve the murder. You will need to know who was a murderer, which room the murder was committed in, and what weapon was used. This game is addictive and you’ll want to play it over and over again.

Which game tests your knowledge on a variety of subjects.?

A game that became very popular in the 1970s was called Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit has since grown into a variety of specific subjects. Trivial Pursuit is a great game because it tests your knowledge on a variety of subjects. The original game had subjects such as science, sports, history, and entertainment. If you landed on a square after rolling a single die you could answer a question about that subject.

For example, let’s say that you landed on a sports square. A neutral player would pull a card which had a question and answer for each of the six subjects. He would ask you the sports question and if you answered it correctly you would be giving a piece that went into your circular playing token. Your playing token had six compartments which would require a piece from each of the six subjects.

Once you obtained a correct answer from all six subjects and your token was filled with all six pieces you could go to the center of a circular hub and answer a final question. If you answered that final question correctly you would win the game. From the original game which had six different subjects, Trivial Pursuit has introduced new games that specialize in a specific subject, for example music.

What is a game that can be enjoyed bt all?

A great game for the entire family is called Yahtzee. Yahtzee is a simple game that can be played by the entire family. It is a game that can be played by young and old. The game consists of six dice that are rolled together. Each player has a scorecard that requires the player to complete specific dice rolls. For example, the player may be required to get the highest total of his six days. If you roll five 6’s, that would give you a total of 30 points which is the highest that you could get for that particular category.

At any time if you roll five of the same kind is called a Yahtzee which has a high score of 50 points. As you learn more about board games you will realize that there are games for every type of person. There are games that are played that require no thought but rely simply on chance. There are games that require skill and thinking ability. There are games where knowledge can help you win the game. However, the bottom line is whichever game you enjoy playing is again best for you.

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Questions and Answers

I need some simple, easy, family board games? Nothing too childish!?It’s for a family partyI already got
Pictionary, Operation, Monolpoly,….I need more? (no card games please lol) thanks.

Posted by *Proud Brewnette*
[display_name id=”1″]It’s kinda difficult to answer without knowing the ages of the Family members, cuz I’d suggest different games for younger players than for pre-teens or teenagers. I’m going on that you said “Nothing too childish”.Basically I think you’d want something that appeals to everyone, is easy to learn, and fun to play, AND allows multiple players – meaning usually at least, or more than, 4 players. Even “Team” situations, which are usually found in your “Party Games”…Here are some of my past and present favorites for general Family game playing:* Liar’s Dice (a really fun bluffing game, best for individual play though, not teams. It’s also been marketed as “Pirate’s Dice (named for the whole ‘Pirates of the Caribbean” craze, modeled after the game played in the movie), but that version only comes with equipment for 4 players, also as “Dudo” (only 4 players) and “Perudo” (up to 6 players, if I remember correctly). I believe at least one, if not all, of those versions can still be found at WalMart and Target or ToysRUs.
Additionally it’s Very easy (and cheaper) to make your own version – just need some type of cup with 5 dice, per person – and you have as many players as you want – I’ve played with 10 before.
Http://* Yahtzee Free For All (a new game that puts a REALLY fun spin on the tired old game of Yahtzee, usually found at WalMart and Target or ToysRUs)
Http://* Qwirkle (easy to learn, for all ages and good for strategy; says it plays only 4, but I’ve played with both Teams and up to 6. Target will be offering this at it’s stores in early 2009, til then it’s mostly boardgame stores or online – Worth it though!)
Http://…For “Party” type games, I’d suggest:* Cranium (a Great game for Team play, probably one of the best; has elements of numerous games like scrabble, trivial pursuit, charades. Is easily found at WalMart, Target or ToysRUs)
Http://…* Dirty Minds – The Game of Naughty Clues (a Hilarious game – but has to be the right crowd!) Find it numerous places online and also at a local Barnes & Noble.
Http://…* Balderdash (an oldie, but still fun, I think a version of it can still be found at WalMart and Target or ToysRUs)
Http://…* Scattergories (another oldie, but still fun, also usually found at WalMart and Target or ToysRUs)
Http://…* Taboo (another oldie, but still fun, also usually found at WalMart and Target or ToysRUs)
Http://…* Apples to Apples (not my fav, but I know many people enjoy this one, also usually found at WalMart and Target or ToysRUs)

Those are the ones that come to mind quickly…

Hope this helps – Have Fun!

What are some great family board games?I am going to my auntie’s with quite a lot of family; they asked me to bring some games. What games should we play?

Posted by Jade

[display_name id=”1″]Monopoly >> The game that teaches capitalism and big business.Life >> This classic family board game has been loved by generations. Just like your so-called “real life”, this game has paydays, marriages, babies, revenge, and chance.Uno spin >> with out a doubt the best family card game ever, would highly recommend to everyoneAggravation >> No reading required. Just a fast-paced race with marbles and a die. Fun for even young children (just keep the marbles away from their mouths).Chutes & Ladders >> This delightful game is simple and easy to play, even for children who can’t read.Apples to Apples >> Match your “noun” card to the category, or judge your friends’ ability to talk their way into a point. If you can read even a little bit, you can enjoy this game.

Candy Land >> The game teaches color recognition and matching while reinforcing the lesson of taking turns and being a gracious winner or loser.

Clue >> The murder-mystery investigation name with the colorful suspect names.

Scrabble >> The classic crossword puzzle game. Triple word score!

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