The Best Board Games for Families 2013

Board games are an excellent way to develop strong bonds between people and most of all family. They can help to encourage team work and increase interaction between family members and particularly siblings. It is also a great way to pass the time especially on a rainy day or at a family gathering. In this short article we will be looking at some of the best board games in 2013 that your friends and family will surely enjoy.

The CaveThe first one we will look at is “The Cave.” This is a risk/reward based game where the players have to race towards the top of a mountain. As the name suggests, this is quite an adventurous journey with numerous perils and the players can “die” from freezing temperatures, drowning etc.


Space CadetsAnother excellent board game is “Space Cadets.” This board game is meant for between three and six players that trekkies the world over will love. It starts with the players all working and controlling one star trek type ship and each player has their own console. However, each of the player’s separate console has an overall effect on the whole game which is what makes space cadets so much fun.

KemetNext, we will look at “Kemet.” This is basically a wargame where each of the players get to control their very own armies, monsters and even fleets of soldiers. It is based in Greek mythology which includes most of the main Greek gods!


ArchipelagoThe last popular game of 2013 we will look at is “Archipelago.” This game allows players to run a South Pacific colony which makes this a very intense and highly psychological game. Basically, the player that is most successful in running their colony wins.

As you can see, board games have become even more complex with time and are a far cry from the days of scrabble and monopoly. These games are simply amazing and are an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones.

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