The Best Family Board Games Review

Packing family board games to take along on holiday is always a challenge as each member of the family has their favorite.  When choosing which games will be suitable it will do well to consider the diverse interests of the players that will be taking part.  Some love games of luck and chance while others prefer strategy board games.  If you are a lover of board games, you will want to play anything but some family members may not like board games at all.

To cater to the needs of everyone you will have to pack a wide assortment of games with different interests in order to satisfy everyone. Luckily, the best board games for 2013 has a list of the best and most popular family board games to choose from.  Out of more than 3,000 new games in 2013, Caverna was awarded “Best Board Game of the Year 2013” by The Dice Tower Awards.

CavernaCaverna, The Cave Farmers, is at heart a worker-placement game that focuses on farming. A dwarf family cultivates the forest in front of their cave, digging into the mountain to mine for rubies, and offering work spaces and dwellings for their offspring.


Forbidden DesertForbidden Desert won the “Best Family Board Game of The Year” award.  This great cooperative family game can be enjoyed by all members of the family, from young to old.



Freedom- The Underground RailroadThe “Best Cooperative Game of The Year” award was won by Freedom: The Underground Railroad.  This game is a tough challenge that has a well integrated theme.


Scotland YardScotland Yard is a great family board game that involves mental effort and contains a healthy amount of tension.  Once you have played this game you will want to play it again and again. The game is based on the old standby detective theme and is a semi -cooperative game with hidden movements where detectives have to coordinate their movements in order to trap and catch Mr. X, who in turn has to find a way to escape the net.

Summer holidays are great times for parents to spend some quality time with their children and what better way to do it than playing fun and exciting family board games together.  If you haven’t tried out the above mentioned games, you won’t be disappointed if you do

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