Best Family Board Games Reviews

Top 10 Family Board Game Reviews For 2014

Did you know that there were more than 3,000 board games last year? So, which one do you think you’re going to select in order to make family night fun? Perhaps you’re using them for a kid’s summer camp or church function. Sure, you know what the kids like, but a little help looking at the top 10 family board game reviews for 2014 wouldn’t hurt right?

desert1. Forbidden Desert

The name alone sounds intriguing, and this top board game of 2014 is wonderful family fun. The great thing is that it can be enjoyed by all ages, even those competitive teenagers. Given this fact, it has been noted as one of the best cooperative games of the year. In this game, you’re coordinating with teammates to find in the desert a “flying machine.” It is a fun-filled adventure that the whole family will enjoy.

pandemic2. Pandemic

Pandemic is another cooperative family board game, and this adventure has your whole family in search of cures for four different diseases. You must stop the pandemic before the diseases overwhelm the world’s population! This game is also great for all ages and really puts an exciting twist on an adventurous family night that classic board games just won’t provide. So, do you want to up the ante?

eternas3. Eternas

Fun yet simple, involving a three-dimensional scale model, this board game is sure to get the whole family going. This game puts a spin on the classic “Connect Four” and is sure to challenge your brain!


quelf4. Quelf

Quelf is sure to have the whole family laughing and having a great time. This board game challenges you to crazy questions and has you and your family members performing various stunts. This game is completely unpredictable and fun for everyone. It’s time to get a little crazy!



5. Strategy Quadefy

This game has been gaining extreme popularity and is sure to be a hit for family board game night. This game, which is three-dimensional, moves very fast. It is very durable, and is fun for all ages. A stacking game that will challenge your skill levels and sure to provide some laughs when it all comes crashing down.

Catan6. The Settlers of Catan

All kinds of things can happen to you as you work your way through this board game with the intentions of settling Catan, an island. The whole family is going to set out on an adventure that is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Forget your surroundings, and immerse yourself in some quality family time that is both fun and adventurous.


Say Anything7. Say Anything Game

Time to get a little personal. This is not only a family game favorite but a friends game favorite as well. It is catching on like wildfire and opens people up to a unified gaming experience. This game is suggested for older children and family members, generally 13 and up.


Family Feud8. Family Feud

What better way to get the whole family going than to enjoy some Family Feud! This is great, and it can be even better if you have a family over to join your family night. Who will be the victor? Younger kids might not be able to come up with answers as well, but they can team up with older family members for a fun and competitive night. This game has been a classic for a long time on television, and the board game is just as fun!



9. Scattergories

Scattergories is a classic family fun game that has been around for quite awhile. This fast-paced game will have the whole family wracking their brains, and there will be plenty of laughs. See what answers everyone comes up with, and bring the whole family together for a hilarious game of Scattergories.

Mastermind10. Mastermind

This board game that is also considered educational is great family fun. Watch out, or family night will run long with this one. You will get lost in hours of Mastermind, and it is sure to be a hit. This game promotes logic, and it involves secret codes! Fun right?

Hopefully, you have some ideas now after reading about ten of the top board games for 2014. Get ready for family night!

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Questions and Answers

Which Family Feud Game Board Do You Recommend?Hi, I was wondering which of you has bought/played Family Feud Game Board?? I heard some bad reviews about the ones that comes in DVDs. That the rules changed for some of the Editions?? I really need your help from people that love and has played this game. Which one do u recommend? Which one is the best similar to the TV show game??
Thank you =)

Posted by Carolina_79
[display_name id=”1″]The electronic and DVD versions of the game have players make lists and then compare their responses with the correct answers. They don’t follow the format of the game show. The Milton Bradley, Pressman and Endless Games follow the format of the show more closely but a game ends after three questions rather than at 200 points like the game show. The Endless Games version, although the most current, uses a dry erase marker and slate to display answers. I find that kind of cheesy. So it’s a matter of taste which board game you prefer. Finally, you should find a Quizzard (it’s an electronic buzz-in device) to complete the game show experience.
Which Ticket to Ride board game should I get?I have played the online version (USA) and found it to be fun, however I want to buy one of their board games. I keep reading many comments that people love the USA (original) but they eventually move on to the Europe version and claim to like it better for many reasons including:
– extra routes
– not as “cutt-throat” (blocking routes in USA version could hurt someone’s score)
– deeper gameplay (seemed like edge routes on USA map was a game winning strategy)
– more/elaborate destination tickets
– bigger cosmetics (playing cards)I am a fan of overall fun in the family aspect of this game, but I dont mind a little bit of “cutt throat” type of play. If the Europe version provides the competitive feel as well as the original then that would be helpful to know. I am leaning more towards the Europe copy but I would like opinions from other players. I am open to the other copies as well (marklin ect ect)Thanks!

Posted by sgwrist
[display_name id=”1″]My family owns TTR USA, Nordic and Marklin, and play all 3.Nordic edition is, in our opinion, hands down the best for a 2 or 3 player game.We have the 1910 expansion for USA, and use it for all the games we play on that board. Any time we play with someone new it helps to use this board since the destinations are more familiar.Marklin is new to us since Christmas 2010, and we’ve played maybe 6 games so far. We like the variety in the routes and the addition of passengers/freight. It’s to early to know whether we’ll like it more than USA yet.One option if you like a little cutthroat type of play is to add in Alvin and Dexter. We’ve liked how they mess with the end game on the USA version, but haven’t played them too much with Nordic or Marklin yet. The reviews on Board game geek ( seem to show that most think A&D work best with the USA board.

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